Saint James Mission

To make, nurture and mature loving followers of Jesus Christ.

Saint James Vision

To Connect, Care & Commit
   Connect -- To be a family of believers who connect to God and each other.
   Care      --  To shine the Light of Christ and welcome all we encounter encouraging worship, life groups, and spiritual growth.
   Commit  -- To grow in faith through service to others both locally and globally.

Saint James Core Values

Loving Relationships
  Spiritual Growth
    Compassionate Service

Bulletin 08.09.20
DBS for week of 08.09.20      Worship Notes for 08.09.20
Bulletin 08.02.20
DBS for week of 08.02.20      Worship Notes for 08.02.20
Bulletin 07.26.20
DBS for week of 07.26.20      Worship Notes for 07.26.20
Bulletin 07.19.20
No DBS this week                  Worship Notes for 07.19.20
Bulletin 07.12.20
DBS for week of 07.12.20      Worship Notes for 07.12.20
Bulletin 07.05.20
DBS for week of 07.05.20       Worship Notes for 07.05.20
Bulletin 06.28.20
DBS for week of 06.28.20       Worship Notes for 06.28.20
Bulletin 06.21.20
DBS for week of 06.21.20        Worship Notes for 06.21.20
Bulletin 06.14.20
DBS for week of 06.14.20         Worship Notes for 06.14.20
Bulletin 06.07.20
DBS for week of 06.07.20          Worship Notes for 06.07.20
Bulletin 05.31.20
DBS for week of 05.31.20           Worship Notes for 05.31.20
Bulletin 05.24.20
DBS for week of 05.24.20           Worship Notes for 05.24.20
Bulletin 05.17.20
DBS for week of 05.17.20           Worship Notes for 05.17.20
Bulletin 05.10.20
DBS for week of 05.10.20            Worship Notes for 05.10.20
Bulletin 05.03.20
DBS for week of 05.03.20            Worship Notes for 05.03.20
Bulletin 04.26.20
DBS for week of 04.26.20            Worship Notes for 04.26.20
Bulletin 04.19.20                        Worship Notes 04.19.20
Easter Traditional Service Bulletin 04.12.20      Worship Notes for Traditional Worship Service 04.12.20
Easter Sunrise Service Bulletin 04.12.20          N/A
Good Friday Bulletin                         N/A
Bulletin 04.05.20
Bulletin 03.29.20                       Worship Notes for 03.29.20
Bulletin 03.22.20                       Worship Notes for 03.22.20
Bulletin 03.15.20                       Worship for Notes 03.15.20
Not Applicable                          Worship for Notes 03.08.20
There will be no Daily 
Bible study during Lent.
We have a Lenten
Devotional Book.
If you did not receive one
and would like one, 
please ask and we will be
sure you have one. If you'd like
one mailed to you please call
the office (941-377-6180) and
let them know.                                        
Worship Notes 03.01.20
DBS for week of 02.23.20         Not Applicable
DBS for week of 02.16.20         Worship Notes for 02.16.20
DBS for week of 02.09.20         Worship Notes for 02.09.20
DBS for week of 02.02.20         Worship Notes for 02.02.20
DBS for week of 01.26.20         Worship Notes for 01.26.20
Not Applicable                           Worship Notes 01.19.20
DBS for week of 01.12.20         Worship Notes for 01.12.20
Not Applicable                          Worship Notes for 01.05.19
There will be no Daily Bible Study or Worship Notes for 12.29.19

Not Applicable                           Worship Notes for 12.22.19
Not Applicable                           Worship Notes for 12.15.19
Not Applicable                           Worship Notes for 12.08.19     
There will be no Daily 
Bible study during advent, 
there is an advent calendar
with daily readings. If you 
haven't recieved one please
ask.                                            Worship Notes for 12.01.19   

DBS for week of 11.24.19         Worship Notes for 11.24.19
DBS for week of 11.17.19         Worship Notes for 11.17.19
DBS for week of 11.10.19         Worship Notes for 11.10.19
DBS for week of 11.03.19         Worship Notes for 11.03.19
DBS for week of 10.27.19        Worship Notes for 10.27.19
DBS for week of 10.20.19        Worship Notes for 10.20.19
DBS for week of 10.13.19        Worship Notes for 10.13.19
DBS for week of 10.06.19        Worship Notes for 10.06.19
No DBS week of 09.29.19        No Worship Notes for 09.29.19
DBS for week of 09.22.19        Worship Notes for 09.22.19
DBS for week of 09.15.19        Worship Notes for 09.15.19
DBS for week of 09.08.19        Worship Notes for 09.08.19
DBS for week of 09.01.19        Worship Notes for 09.01.19
DBS for week of 08.25.19        Worship Notes for 08.25.19
DBS for week of 08.18.19        Worship Notes for 08.18.19
DBS for week of 08.11.19        Worship Notes for 08.11.19
DBS for week of 08.04.19       Worship Notes for 08.04.19
Not applicable this week        Worship Notes for 07.28.19
DBS for week of 07.14.19        Worship Notes for 07.14.19
DBS for week of 07.07.19        Worship Notes for 07.07.19
DBS for week of 06.30.19        Worship Notes for 06.30.19
DBS for week of 06.23.19        Worship Notes for 06.23.19
DBS for week of 06.16.19        Worship Notes for 06.16.19
DBS for week of 06.09.19        Worship Notes for 06.09.19
DBS for week of 06.02.19        Worship Notes for 06.02.19
DBS for week of 05.26.19        Worship for Notes 05.26.19
DBS for week of 05.19.19        Worship Notes for 05.19.19
Not Applicable this week         Worship Notes for 05.12.19
DBS for week of 05.05.19         Worship Notes for 05.05.19 
DBS for week of 04.28.19         Worship Notes for 04.28.19
DBS for week of 04.21.19         Worship Notes for 04.21.19
DBS for week of 04.14.19         Worship Notes for 04.14.19
DBS for week of 04.07.19         Worship Notes for 04.07.19
DBS for week of 03.31.19         Worship Notes for 03.31.19
DBS for week of 03.24.19         Worship Notes for 03.24.19
DBS for week of 03.17.19         Worship Notes for 03.17.19
DBS for week of 03.10.19         Worship Notes for 03.10.19
DBS for week of 03.03.19         Worship Notes for 03.03.19
DBS for week of 02.24.19         Worship Notes for 02.24.19
DBS for week of 02.17.19         Worship Notes for 02.17.19
DBS for week of 02.10.19         Worship Notes for 02.10.19
DBS for week of 02.03.19        Worship Notes for 02.03.19
DBS for week of 01.27.19        Worship Notes for 01.27.19
DBS for week of 01.20.19        Worship Notes for 01.20.19
DBS for week of 01.13.19        Worship Notes for 01.13.19
DBS for week of 01.06.19         Worship Notes for 01.06.19
Not Applicable                        Worship Notes for 12.23.18
Not Applicable                        Worship Notes for 12.16.18
Not Applicable                        Worship Notes for 12.09.18
There is an advent devotional
book for the month of
December contact the office 
941-377-6180 if you'd like
one mailed to you.                   Worship Notes for 12.02.18

DBS for Week of 11.25.18        Worship Notes for 11.25.18
DBS for Week of 11.18.18        Worship Notes for 11.18.18
DBS for Week of 11.11.18        Worship Notes for 11.11.18
DBS for Week of 11.04.18        Worship Notes for 11.04.18
DBS for Week of 10.28.18        Worship Notes for 10.28.18
DBS for Week of 10.21.18        Worship Notes for 10.21.18
DBS for Week of 10.14.18        Worship Notes for 10.14.18
DBS for Week of 10.07.18        Worship Notes for 10.07.18
DBS for Week of 09.30.18        Not Applicable 
Not Applicable                        Worship Notes for 09.23.18
DBS for Week of 09.16.18         Worship Notes for 09.16.18
DBS for Week of 09.09.18         Worship Notes for 09.09.18
DBS for Week of 09.02.18         Worship Notes for 09.02.18
DBS for Week of 08.26.18         Worship Notes for 08.26.18
DBS for Week of 08.19.18         Worship Notes for 08.19.18
DBS for Week of 08.12.18         Worship Notes for 08.12.18
DBS for Week of 08.05.18         Worship Notes for 08.05.18
Not Applicable                          Worship Notes for 07.15.18

DBS for Week of 06.24.18         Worship Notes for 06.24.18
DBS for Week of 06.17.18         Worship Notes for 06.17.18
DBS for Week of 06.10.18         Worship Notes for 06.10.18
DBS for Week of 06.03.18         Worship Notes for 06.03.18
DBS for Week of 05.27.18         Worship Notes for 05.27.18
DBS for Week of 05.20.18         Worship Notes for 05.20.18
Not Applicable
                  Worship Notes for 05.13.18
DBS for Week of 05.06.18         Worship Notes for 05.06.18
DBS for Week of 04.29.18         Worship Notes for 04.29.18
DBS for Week of 04.22.18         Worship Notes for 04.22.18
DBS for Week of 04.15.18         Worship Notes for 04.15.18 

DBS for Week of 04.08.18         Worship Notes for  04.08.18
DBS for Week of 04.01.18         Worship Notes for 04.01.18
DBS for Week of 03.25.18         Worship Notes for 03.25.18        
DBS for Week of 03.18.18         Worship Notes for 03.18.18
DBS for Week of 03.11.18         Worship Notes for 03.11.18
​​​​​​DBS for Week of 03.04.18         Worship Notes for 03.04.18
DBS for Week of 02.25.18         Worship Notes for 02.25.18
DBS for Week of 02.18.18         Worship Notes for 02.18.18
DBS for Week of 02.11.18         Worship Notes for 02.11.18

DBS for Week of 02.04.18         Worship Notes for 02.04.18
DBS for Week of 01.28.18         Worship Notes for 01.28.18
DBS for Week of 01.21.18         Worship Notes for 01.21.18
DBS for Week of 01.14.18         Worship Notes for 01.14.18

DBS for Week of 01.07.18         Worship Notes for 01.07.18


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