Saint James Mission

To make, nurture and mature loving followers of Jesus Christ.

Saint James Vision

To Connect, Care & Commit
   Connect -- To be a family of believers who connect to God and each other.
   Care      --  To shine the Light of Christ and welcome all we encounter encouraging worship, life groups, and spiritual growth.
   Commit  -- To grow in faith through service to others both locally and globally.

Saint James Core Values

Loving Relationships
  Spiritual Growth
    Compassionate Service

Click and download your Daily Bible Study:

DBS for Week of 02.25.18            Worship Notes for 02.25.18
DBS for Week of 02.18.18            Worship Notes for 02.18.18
DBS for Week of 02.11.18            Worship Notes for 02.11.18

DBS for Week of 02.04.18            Worship Notes for 02.04.18
DBS for Week of 01.28.18            Worship Notes for 01.28.18
DBS for Week of 01.21.18            Worship Notes for 01.21.18
DBS for Week of 01.14.18            Worship Notes for 01.14.18

DBS for Week of 01.07.18            Worship Notes for 01.07.18
NOT APPLICABLE                         Worship Notes for 12.17.17
NOT APPLICABLE                         Worship Notes for 12.10.17
DBS for Week of 11.26.17             Worship Notes for 11.26.17
DBS for Week of 11.19.17             Worship Notes for 11.19.17

DBS for Week of 11.12.17             Worship Notes for 11.12.17
DBS for Week of 11.05.17             Worship Notes for 11.05.17

DBS for Week of 10.29.17             Worship Notes for 10.29.17
DBS for Week of 10.22.17             Worship Notes for 10.22.17
DBS for Week of 10.15.17             Worship Notes for 10.15.17
DBS for Week of 10.8.17               Worship Notes for 10.8.17
DBS for Week of 10.1.17               NOT APPLICABLE
DBS for Week of 9.24.17               Worship Notes for 9.24.17
DBS for Week of 9.17.17               Worship Notes for 9-17-17
DBS for Week of 9.10.17               Worship Notes for 9-10-17



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